Friday, 22 September 2017


The new heating system will be installed just in time, looks as if Autumn is here.....

New heating system

It's been a hectic week, after months of trying to finalize the new heating system for the  cottage, it all happened very quickly.  There were a few hiccups waiting for some of the parts to arrive due to the very short lead in time but the new pellet boiler and thermal store had been installed and tested.

If all goes to plan, the system should be connected to the yet to be installed underfloor heating and the existing heating system, and hot water system within the next three weeks. Imagine that, heating and hot water.......

Harry is very impressed.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Worcester Pearmain Apples

Our new apple trees are producing fruit for the first time this year, these are Worcester Pearmain, a nice mild eating apple.  Looking forward to next year already.

Breakfast Companion

I had a surprise guest while I ate my breakfast yesterday, overnight this Garden Spider Araneus diadematus spun its web over my spot in the kitchen. Bob, as he was named proved to be quite pleasant company as I ate my toast.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Apple crop

The apples on the other hand, especially this old cooker are laden with fruit.  Plenty of apple pies....

Green guages

After last years incredible crop of Green Gauges, these three are about it for this year, no '17 vintage Green Gauge jam then......

They were delicious though.